Thursday Jul 24 12:43am

Can’t wait to start doing stuff with my life and prove not only other people wrong, but myself as well.

Wednesday Jul 23 09:32pm
Wednesday Jul 23 08:51pm
Wednesday Jul 23 08:50pm
Tuesday Jul 22 11:08pm
Tuesday Jul 22 11:05pm

Up at 3 am coming across people who are the same age as I am and have travelled, done more things, gone to more places than I probably ever will. And it kills me to know that at young ages, they’ve done things that my parents have never done. This whole time, they’re trying to give me and my siblings the world and they have yet to see it themselves. It honestly pains me to think about it. But it also makes me want to work hard to be able to at least start to go and see places with family and friends. Things weren’t just given to us, my family, my friends, the kids in my city, so we have to try and work twice, three times as hard. In the end it’ll be worth it.

Tuesday Jul 22 03:07am
Tuesday Jul 22 02:38am
Sad guy getting nice & clean. Nice & clean is no good for him.

Sad guy getting nice & clean. Nice & clean is no good for him.

Monday Jul 21 09:19pm

Blackened above 
A lonely stem blocks my path
Hundreds of them
One hundred kings sharing land
Rooted wooden hooves
Confront this roaming nomad
Searching for enlightenment
In the darkest of places
I came here to rid of the beast
Until twenty more set their eyes on me
And through weary armor
And dulled motivation
I defeated the demons
And the light at the end
Is what keeps me roaming

Monday Jul 21 02:01am
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