Thursday Apr 24 02:38am

Some people just got faces that stick in your mind

Thursday Apr 24 01:48am
Wednesday Apr 23 06:51pm

Anonymous asked: What do you think about feminism?

I think it’s great. I learned a long time ago from my favorite history teacher in high school that women are perhaps the most oppressed people in the world. I see absolutely nothing wrong with any oppressed group empowering themselves and making themselves heard.

Wednesday Apr 23 06:36pm

Bernard Hopkins vs. Beibut Shumenov

Wednesday Apr 23 02:16pm

What a robbery.

Wednesday Apr 23 02:14pm
Monday Apr 21 11:35am
R.I.P. Hurricane.

R.I.P. Hurricane.

Monday Apr 21 11:32am
Sunday Apr 20 05:42pm
Sunday Apr 20 02:23am
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