Anonymous said: do u have a flickr? :))

I do but I haven’t uploaded anything lately, feel free to look around though!

Monday Sep 1 11:13am

I see it all & it’s so hard to get away
The weight is on my mind
I’d be surprised if I didn’t fall
Someday soon enough
I see you hide
Behind burning eyes
Didn’t I tell you
I can see right through you
Give it up, love
Just fucken give it up
Didn’t I tell you
That you’d give it away
And you couldn’t keep your eyes closed forever
Though you tried
An act that’s tired
Your funny secrets don’t matter
Sweetie just keep floating away
And I am not the same
Throw this around there
Go on and leave this here
It’ll only take up space

Sunday Aug 31 03:35am

Oh if it weren’t for this fear
I just might really be someone
But I can make it in peace
Time finds some violence in a new born
Trade to me
Now we’re starting up the rain again
Starting up the rain again
Starting to look the same again
I said isn’t it a shame?
It goes fine
By a fine wide mile
You’ll be there for me sweety pie
You’ll be there for me sweety pie
You’ll go running away

Sunday Aug 31 03:16am


Saturday Aug 30 12:05pm

Well, ok.

Friday Aug 29 11:01pm
Friday Aug 29 07:22pm
Friday Aug 29 07:22pm
Friday Aug 29 05:55pm
Friday Aug 29 05:24pm

Friday Aug 29 04:49pm
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